Bakery and Catering
  Bakery and Catering

What can we do for YOUR School?

Themed Treats � chocolate/cookie/cupcake/cake pop
Cake Pop Centre Pieces

Event Catering

**Spirit Week** (min order 200pc)
Cookies (start at $1 ea)
Cupcakes (start at $2 ea)

**Field Trip Stop**
Practical Learning Program
Home Economic Study
Fun hands on in the kitchen experience

Workshops include, but not limited to:
Themed holiday cookie/cupcake making & decorating workshops
Pizza, fruit salad and Cupcake decorating party
Animal Parade Cupcakes
Make an edible scene workshop (seasons/beach/camp/mountain)
Edible Architecture � make structures out of cookies/cupcakes and other materials
Fruit pies from scratch

**Have Chef Fran come to YOUR School**
Schism panelist or speaker � on Business/Entrepreneurship OR Culinary/Baking
Chef Judge
Home Economics Program