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What is Ketotastic?

Ketotastic is a specialty line of food and bakery items prepared locally in Oshawa, Ontario by Frantastic.


Who are these Ketotastic items prepared for?

Our food items are designed for people who are following any kind of low carb OR gluten free OR no added sugar; high “healthy” fat way of eating – as well as for people who are pre-diabetic and diabetic and limiting their sugar or carbohydrate intake. Research has shown that eating this way reduces inflammation; improves mood; increases energy; increases mental clarity; improves overall wellbeing; reduces snacking due to sugar induced cravings – which can result in… of course – weight management.


Does being on Keto really limit my eating options?

We offer around 90 items of Gluten Free/Low Carb/Low Sugar products including single serving Soups; Entrée’s; Pizza’s; Bread; Bakery and Dessert Items offering you a wide variety of options for all your daily meals to assist in a long term sustainable lifestyle.


What makes our products unique?

Most Keto items are primarily made with almond flour and other nuts – we are a peanut/nut free facility and we use a gluten free organic coconut flour; Foodland grade eggs and locally sourced Ontario farm traceable meats. Our items are also made without preservatives, and are therefore frozen fresh. We use erythritol in our baked products - which is a natural non-GMO corn based sweetener – completely insoluble by the body and does not spike insulin levels.


Can I eat these items if I am not on the Keto Diet?

These items are NOT designed for a diet. It is NOT a weight loss plan. These menu items are designed to help people Eat Well and Be Well – from the inside out. Keto items are more about what the product does NOT have in it, as opposed to being added to it.


Being WELL begins with what we choose to fuel our bodies with.

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