About Fran


Fran Steyn

Born & raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Fran moved to Canada in 2002 and began her business first known as Frantastic Treats over 12 years ago, baking holiday sugar cookies with her gifted stand mixer in her North York apartment. Today this Social Entrepreneur Boss Lady owns a multi-location foodie business located in Whitby, Ontario, with her newest location in the Oshawa Centre. Fran and her husband Jonathan chose Whitby as their families’ home in 2011 just before their second son was born. With the goal of working, living, and playing close to home – Whitby as a home and business community has become her absolute dream come true.


Daily, you can find Fran Managing her foodie empire, snapping pictures and posting tons of social media, on her food truck, in the kitchen, or bouncing around to her different locations. Food has always been her passion, as is her love of the business OF business.